What's Inside?

Each month you’ll receive 3-5 full size seasonally-inspired products from the Lotus Moon, Plain Jane Beauty  and DetoxRx brands that are designed to deliver results e.g. smooth fine lines, reduce breakouts, redness and inflammation, and body's toxic load.  

Meeting your skin care needs

Increasingly women are looking for more holistic and healing benefits from their skin care products as well as their cosmetics, and today's woman is more informed and inquisitive about the benefits of their personal care products.

Each monthly box will contain products to address the skin's seasonal needs. The products included will also be versatile in helping a variety of skin types.


Over $140+ worth of skincare and beauty products included each month!  

 It’s more than just a monthly box. It is also a platform that will allow us to educate those who are searching for healthier skin care and makeup alternatives. 

Lotus Moon Skin Care has demonstrated over the last 15 years that their products can address such conditions as acne, skin discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness in a safe, natural and effective way.   .


We are passionate about providing a platform that simplifies the switch to Green Beauty

We want to make it easy for you to find clean and nontoxic products that protect your skin and keep it looking healthy. For years, the beauty industry has pushed an impossible idea of flawless youth, rather than embracing the natural aging process and reflecting real life by using natural ingredients that are safe and nontoxic and effective. 

One reason that finding clean beauty products is difficult is that deceptive marketing and ingredient labeling continue to be a problem when it comes to natural and organic skincare and cosmetics.  The EcoBeauty Bytes box will help you to navigate through the noise and misinformation.

How It Works

1. Choose Your Plan

Choose from Monthly, 3-month or 6-month plans.

2. We Curate Your Box

Each month will be curated by a different licensed esthetician with experience using Lotus Moon products.  

3. Enjoy Clean Beauty

It ships 1st week of the month. A monthly gift to yourself. Clean, luxurious beauty + wellness that delivers results.

Are you ready to subscribe to EcoBeauty Bytes yet?